Inspired by @brimattia
  1. In my pool
    I can lounge in the pool all day, especially w a book
  2. In a library/bookstore
    I could browse and flip through books for hours
  3. In front of children
    I'm a teacher and I am very happy in front of a group of ten year olds
  4. Making lists
    Obviously 😉 this app makes me happy because not only can I make lists, I can read lists and make connections with people I don't know. I feel like I'm the only one who loves listing in my circle so it's so nice to get on here daily and connect with others!
  5. On my couch watching tv
    I'm probably doing this more often then not
  6. In the car for long road trips
    With my best friend, Erin or my future husband, Anthony. Erin and I use to travel the 35hour drive to California every summer, with very little stops and a lot of laughter made it there in less than 48hours always!! Anthony and I also love to get in the car and be somewhere by the evening. Our favourite destination is Chicago, 12 hours away.
  7. With my family
    My family is so fun!! I have 2 brothers (both married) and they have kids so my side has 8 adults (including my parents) and 3 kids. So fun when we are all together! My mom use to say 'you bug em you love em' and we jokingly tease each other all the time!!
  8. Target
    I'm obsessed with Target. I can wonder the aisles forever. There is always something I NEED and I love looking at the clothes and housewares especially. Canada had Target for a brief period but now doesn't again RIP, I'm still in mourning lol. Honestly though when Erin and I get into a Target, wherever we may be, we get carts and fill them up and then, hours later, we go through them and 'talk it out' discussing what to buy and what to leave. This is my happy place!
  9. Trivia
    I have an obscene amount of trivia stored and ready and feel pretty confident when I can answer trivia questions
  10. At the cabin
    My family has a cabin about an hour and a half from the city. It's on the water and I've been coming here my whole life. I feel great here. Being with family, reading, being's the best!!
  11. Cooking (nothing fancy)
    I've been cooking since I was a little girl and no I can't make anything too fancy but I make a lot of basic dishes really well and enjoy getting home after a long day and getting to make something with my hands. My current home has an island that faces the living room so now I can cook and watch tv at the same time, so pretty much the best!!
  12. Honestly being alone or with close friends and family are always happy times and I'm in my element when I can be myself