I wrote my first list on October 17, 2015! Here is how I came to List
  1. I was a fan of The Office since the beginning and always loved 'Ryan' @bjnovak's character
  2. When I saw my other favourite character Mindy Kaling @mindy was starring in her own show I was instantly intrigued and became obsessed with all things Mindy. I read her books, followed her on Instragram and Twitter and just adored her!
  3. When she and BJ started messaging about this app to list on I wasn't sure what it would be but knew this was the app for me!
  4. I have loved lists my whole life and my friends and family lovingly tease me about how much I love to make lists and have so many notebooks
  5. I had recently started to move from notebooks to the notepad app on my iPhone and thought this app would replace that...
  6. So when I logged on I saw the list ideas and realized this app would be a great place to list for fun and couldn't believe I would get to read other people's lists as well
  7. I'm a curious (ok nosey) person so this was perfect for me
  8. Instantly read all @mindy lists and started following a few people
  9. I didn't have any followers though and didn't understand how I would actually get them not having any IRL friends on here
    I honestly wrote lists with zero people reading them for months
  10. As I continued to be a voyeur on here I began to like and comment and follow more people and loved to get home after work and see what my 'friends' were up to
  11. Soon enough people started to like and relist a few of my lists and I got followers by the summer
  12. My list about my wedding got 24 likes which was a lot for me
  13. Since then I've connected with people from all over the world and have loved to explore my love of lists and love of learning more about people
  14. Then this happened
    My first confetti
  15. And 2 days later
  16. How fun!! I'm so happy to have this app and to follow so many great and so interesting people!!!
  17. Thanks to all who have read my lists, liked my lists, relisted, commented and followed me! I appreciate you all!!!!