One of my favourite people got married.
  1. She is like the little sister I never had.
    Our moms grew up best friends and I've known her since she was born
  2. She is a beautiful person inside and out
  3. She was my MC for my wedding last year
  4. When I saw her after the ceremony she hugged me so hard and we cried saying I love you!!
  5. My whole family was there and we had so much fun
  6. Static
    Bride, Dannie, and me!!
  7. Static
    My amazing family- minus the little ones
  8. Static
    My husband and I 💛
  9. Static
    It was a 'kitchy' place - rustic and just outside the city. Totally the couples taste. This is a fake jail they had there lol
  10. Static
  11. Love weddings! Happy to have only one this summer though