Inspired by @kaitlynvella the last one I saw on my feed but following the wave lol
  1. Sending this pic to my sister in law since we're obsessed with how gorgeous she is... I mean c'on
  2. These were my table numbers at my August wedding and I have over 20 of these Ikea frames so I took a pic to send to my family to see who wanted one
  3. Yesterday's delicious treat and my favourite mug
  4. Going to this concert and can't wait!
  5. Sent this to me BFF because we obviously need them to go to above concert
  6. Obsessed with my Christmas tree
  7. My youngest niece, Emma, in the snow for the first time - adorable
  8. My advent tea calendar- it's been fun trying a new tea daily! Today was Irish breakfast.
  9. One of my students brought her hamster, Harry named after The Harry Potter, to school. He was soooo soft
  10. My family loves Home Alone so I sent them this : (today's kids will never understand)
  11. December so far