In Winnipeg we have long, cold winters BUT we also have glorious springs and summers.
  1. The best part of living in a city that is cold for so long is that as soon as it is nice everyone leaves their homes and goes outside!! Everyone was out this weekend!!
  2. Normally on a Saturday and Sunday I will stay in bed for hours and then move to the couch to watch tv. (Not there is anything wrong with that!)
  3. This weekend I was early to rise and quick to jump out of bed to start the day
  4. Saturday we bought Slurpees and Frappucinos (Slurpee for the husband and frappe for me) and headed out to buy our yearly supply of pool chemicals
  5. It honestly felt so great just to be out with icy drinks on a sunny day!
  6. Once back home later we took all our patio furniture out of the shed for the season
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. We are so close to pool season- which is my happy place!!
  10. Anthony got to organizing the garage trading places between our snowblower and lawnmower while I read in the sun
    Yes I am wearing shorts!!
  11. I made ribs for the first time in my Le Creuset
  12. They were delicious
  13. Then we settled in for the evening for a movie
  14. This am we met Anthony's parents for brunch and sat outside!!!!
  15. Then we headed to a place called Golf Central where they have a driving range. I don't play golf but Anthony loves it. I accompanied him because it was outside and nice and more importantly because they have the BEST ice cream
    This is a MEDIUM you guys and the size of my head. It's soft serve vanilla with Peanut Butter cone dip drizzled on top 🤤
  16. Then I sat outside with my book again for a few hours
  17. I came in to meal prep for a few hours while watching #girlboss is anyone else watching this??! I like it!
  18. Then we had BBQ burgers
    Anthony likes Angus burgers and I like thin chicken and veggie ones. We made extra for lunches this week
  19. I also made pasta salad- which is very summer!!
  20. It's amazing how a little sunshine and hot temps can change your perspective. It was a crazy, stressful, hard week but this weekend re-charged me and made me believe summer is around the corner. 2 more months of work!
  21. Have a good week listers! 💛