I'm currently going through draft 100 of my new book and these are the notes I keep coming across
  1. Awk!
    I had a writing teacher in college that used to write this on our stories and now I write it on my students' stories too. And apparently on my own work. The last 100 pages of my book have this so many times, that I started to wonder if my dog, Wrigley, had a couple of whiskeys and jumped on my computer to finish the thing.
  2. ?
    Every time I see this, I think, "well, you wrote the damn thing, so if you don't get it than who will? What are you asking??"
  3. Make better
    Yeah, thanks past me for this awesome but of advice. I was going to write a shitty paragraph but now I think I'll make it better. Super easy.
  4. Does this make sense?
    Again, who are you asking? If you're questioning it, then the answer is most likely no.
  5. [write this scene later]
    No!!! Write it now! You aren't going to want to do it 2 weeks from now, I promise.
  6. Start here
    This one always makes me sad because it means I have to cut a ton of pages that I worked hard on and apparently never had to write in the first place
  7. No!!!!
    This is also usually underlined, like I can't believe I would write something so stupid and just want to emphasize that.
  8. Too fast?/too slow?
    I think I add question marks to soften the blow when I read these later, like this gentle suggestion is better than an order.
  9. More
    Again, so specific and helpful. More! Write more of this!