1. Someone eating all of the Smart Start cereal
    This was serious since Smart Start was 95% of our diets
  2. Borrowing clothes without asking
    This could cause a fight that lasted for days. Once my roommate Erin refused to forgive me for wearing her jean jacket when she wanted to and kept saying, "it was just a really perfect jean jacket day."
  3. Whose turn it was to buy toilet paper
    I mean, the severity of the problem is obvious. But the time arguing about it could have been spent walking to 7-11.
  4. A plot point in The Cutting Edge
    We disagree about the nature of the relationship with the first skating partner and we both got really pissed about it and finally agreed that we couldn't be in a fight about The Cutting Edge and tried to move on.
  5. Someone's boyfriend sleepwalking and peeing on the floor
    You guys, this happened twice with two different boys.
  6. Talking during Dawson's Creek or Felicity.
    Don't be an asshole.
  7. Borrowing CDs and not returning them.
    My initials were on there in black marker for a reason! Please return my Jewel cd.
  8. Unlocked bedroom doors
    You can't un-see some things.