1. Regret-That I haven't kept in touch with people in my life over the years.
    My family is very close, but friends have come and gone and there are some I wish were still around.
  2. Moment of pride-😬 This is very hard for me. I can think of a thousand things about the kids, but moments where I've been really proud of myself for my own accomplishments(vs. just thinking I did what needed to be done because that's what you do) are few and far between.
  3. Goal-To find an interesting, challenging job somewhere that I can manage around my migraines.
    I'm very lucky that I'm not on a strict timetable and that I don't NEED this job TODAY, but I don't want my working life to be over at 41.
  4. Dream-maybe you meant a dream like playing in the big leagues, but this is all I got. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Fantasy-I'd really love a best friend who walks into my house and helps herself to coffee, sitcom-style, and hilarious hijinks ensue. Also, in this fantasy, I'm the kind of person who is already dressed in one of my many cute outfits and not lounging around in yesterday's sweatpants.