1. I could live without these things, but it would be a sad and bitter existence:
  2. Giant sweaters
    Pulled out this bad boy this morning. Worn over shorts because it's 80 degrees outside, but cold in the house.
  3. Candy
    I try to limit myself to one week a month where candy consumption is part of my diet. Also Halloween-type candy is not nearly as tempting as Easter-type candy so I won't go too far off the rails for another 6-7 months.
  4. Condiments
    I have a serious problem. I often will have a fridge full of condiments and nothing to put them on.
  5. Binge watching/reading
    I prefer my books, tv shows and movies in big, all day chunks. I'm usually on a kick for a few days, then I'll move to another medium. So mad baking/cooking for a few days, then I'll read 8 books in a series, then I'll rewatch all of a series.
  6. But I could seriously do without:
  7. Anything to do with the election.
    I have strong opinions and my hackles get raised easily. It's making me(and everyone!) so anxious and temperamental. 😬😬😬 And I hate that it's very important, simultaneously under and over-reported, fascinating and irritating, etc.
  8. Migraines
    I'm so tired of not knowing which days I'll be fine and which I'll be dead.
  9. Football
    I know we are only a couple of weeks in, but already I am 🙄🙄🙄🙄 over the games, the advertising, the commercials, etc. ad nauseam.
  10. Insurance company telephone representatives.
    I know working on the phones is a hard and thankless job. I get it. But when my policy clearly says something is paid for, but I have to call you 13 times to find the one competent employee who can get it approved, something is wrong and I don't think it's me.