1. Clearly Canadian
  2. UDF at midnight
  3. Necking in cars in the cemetary
  4. And by the railroad tracks
  5. And halfway up the driveway in summer when the trees hid your car
  6. 1234 time
  7. And days when you celebrated it together twice
  8. Running away together
  9. Being embarrassed because the birthday stripper is in your psych class
  10. Going down to the river, the lake, the ocean
  11. Stuck in the snowstorm
  12. Being surprised by the manatees
  13. Hiding out on Sundays
  14. Bundles of letters on yellow rose stationery
  15. Barefoot Taco Bell parties
  16. Séances
  17. Crazy neighbors
  18. Crazy relatives
  19. The first drink is always to the regiment
  20. A red Ibanez and a trip to the zoo