1. Well I don't have a job and I live with my retired parents, so frequently the weekend looks just like any other random chunk of time, but here goes...
  2. Usually some sort of breakfast food is involved.
    We go out for breakfast or brunch a lot on the weekends. Frequently with my sister and her husband.
  3. My parents go to church on Sunday mornings, so that's usually my alone time.
  4. We watch PBS on Sunday nights. A lot of the good Masterpiece dramas and mysteries are on Sunday evenings.
    Do I sound like I'm one hundred years old?
  5. Sometimes I tour Ohio's colleges.
    Every other weekend on average I'm driving to one or both of the kids' schools for some reason. I usually listen to podcasts and drink massive quantities of Diet Coke on these days, but it's not a bad drive and I like alone time in the car.
  6. I bake bread or make soup or desserts.
    Usually far more than we need for 3 people.
  7. I grocery shop on Fridays.
    I have to go late enough to avoid the mean old people and early enough to avoid the people who left work early to get their shopping finished.
  8. I do a Saturday and Sunday morning alive check if I don't hear from my kids.
    Sometimes it's just seeing if they've used Facebook or messenger, if not I'll text and round about 2pm I'll call if I haven't seen any signs that they're alive. None of them have problems, this is mostly my own overprotective mom issue.
  9. If I go out it's usually on Saturday night.
  10. I avoid the gym but that's pretty much every day.