1. The blond prosecutor
    I only recognize her because I've seen this movie before.
  2. The daughter from Kate and Allie
    For the first 10 minutes anyway. ☠️ I watched a lot of Kate and Allie back in the day.
  3. Will Scarlett from one of the Robin Hood movies.
    But not Christian Slater from the good movie.
  4. Wade from Grace Under Fire
    As an obstinate and always wrong local bumbling sheriff.
  5. Kellie Martin
    Obla di obla da Life Goes On la!
  6. Bellamy Young
    As a blond.
  7. Clarence Williams III
    From Mod Squad
  8. Charles Shaughnessy
    No sign of the Nanny.
  9. Felicia Day
    With terrifying visions and an unfortunate haircut.