Inspired by @bisexual
  1. Crocodile
    Standard kid fare. The chairs and couch are safe. The floor is water filled with crocodiles. There were 4 of us so usually it was 2 crocodiles on the floor and two kids hopping to safety. Lots of crunching and snapping sound effects if we got caught. My youngest sister would sometimes actually bite you.
  2. Pillow mountain
    Pile up every pillow, couch cushion, blanket, basket of laundry, etc. in the middle of the living room floor and jump off the couch into it.
  3. Elevator-Swish!
    I would lie on my back with my knees against my chest and my sister would lie on my calves and hold my hand. I'd straighten my legs and then launch her up and backwards as I let go of her hands and send her flying across the room into pillow mountain or one time the edge of the coffee table.
  4. Kitchen challenge.
    Start with a glass of milk. Each person adds one thing from the fridge and takes a drink, then passes the glass to the next person. You lose if you chicken out or vomit.