I've had 3-5 migraines a week for almost 6 years now. I've been to 17 doctors.
  1. Sell my soul to the devil
    Devil uninterested
  2. Sell my children
    No one was interested
  3. Beta blockers-3 different ones, many different dosages
    No change
  4. Anti-epilepsy medications, including one that had me sleeping 22 hrs a day and one that made all my extremities numb.
    Terrible side effects countered any pain relief
  5. Topomax
    Maybe 50% improvement but I was high 24/7.
  6. MRI
    No discernible issues
  7. CT Scan
    No discernible issues
  8. Botox
    Made me wonder how in the world someone could do this just to get rid of wrinkles. Zero relief.
  9. Neural blockers
    These shots were the worst pain I've ever had in my life. I've had a baby over 10lbs. My headaches were gone for 6 days. The shots were supposed to last 3 months. 🙄
  10. Fingerprinted
    Pain management office. Also signed multiple papers saying I wouldn't sell any narcotics. I told them I was uninterested in narcotics.
  11. Vicodin
    From my gp when I first started having headaches. Knocked me out but I really didn't want to take this every day.
  12. IV medication
    A very nice nurse came and set up a stint in my arm so I could inject meds every 6 hrs. Do I remember what this drug was called? I do not. Not effective.
  13. Imitrex pills
    Good for head pain, but made rest of body ache for hours. Not recommended to take every day.
  14. Relpax
    Good if I wanted to get take rhe edge off a headache for a couple of hours if I had to do something. Made eventual headache worse.
  15. Maxalt
  16. Some sort of powder. I still have a few. They are upstairs, I am not.
  17. Vitamin B2-100 pills a day(not really but close)
    Completely better! Jk really nothing.
  18. Acupuncture
    About 5 hrs relief after each session. Not covered by insurance. No lasting effects.
  19. Chiropractor
    No relief
  20. Physical therapy
    No relief
  21. Removal of dietary categories
    Spent a year keeping a food diary and removing categories of "trigger" foods.
  22. Food diary
    No alcohol, no caffeine, no onions, no sulfites, no nitrates, no chocolate, no change.
  23. Sleep study
    My sleeping is fine. $3000 later
  24. Pain psychologist
    This was helpful and I learned a lot of relaxation techniques but my doctor left the practice with no warning and I couldn't find another. Didn't remove headaches but made them easier to deal with, less stress inducing.
  25. Weight loss Doctor
    🙄 Tried to sell me 800 calorie a day shake diet. Not sure that's healthy for anyone.
  26. Daith piercing
    Researched but didn't try. Zero scientific evidence attached to this.
  27. Crying
    No help. Made pain worse. Dehydrated.
  28. Crying on phone to insurance providers
    No help. Also did not help getting anything paid.
  29. Hormone therapy
    Didn't help enough to make up for side effects. 😬
  30. Sleeping in a dark quiet room all day
    My preferred method these days. Cheap and as effective as anything else.
  31. Dental work
    No change
  32. Moving to a place where the weather is mild and unremarkable every day
    Next on my list.