1. My son is a committed vegetarian and has been for about 8 years.
  2. About 4 years ago he started talking about going vegan and wanted me to help him find good and easy recipes he could use.
  3. I decide it will be a fun challenge and that we should try for a while to eat vegan together.
  4. I really think it's a valid and conscientious way to live if you can.
  5. I thought it might help me lose weight(nope)
  6. I thought I was helping my kid(he went back to cheese pizza in less than a week)
  7. But I kept a completely plant based diet for 9 months!
  8. It was a lot of fun and challenging to begin with.
  9. I made vegan bagels(delicious!) donuts(no!) and challah(so good!)
  10. I learned how to make traditionally meat-centric dishes with all vegetables or meat substitutes.
    You'd be surprised where you can cut out meat and it really doesn't matter to the taste and texture of the final dish!
  11. I made a great butter substitute with coconut oil and curdled soy milk and even found some molds so it looked just like stick butter.
  12. I even was able to make tofu that didn't taste like mushy mush funk mush.
    Which is a common tofu problem.
  13. And vegan cheese that was decent tasting-not perfect, but pretty good.
  14. And I ate all the delicious, delicious vegetables
  15. I eventually got tired and lazy.
    And human.
  16. Plus my kid had deserted me and gone back to his cheesy ways.
  17. And I missed eggs so much. Real delicious fried eggs or poached eggs with runny yolks on some ramen or hard boiled eggs in a big salad.
    I love eggs.
  18. So I decided to start eating everything again.
  19. But
  20. Now I try to make sure that if I'm going to eat a chicken, or some bacon or a pot roast..
  21. Or a steak...especially a steak...
  22. I try to make sure it's the best steak I've ever eaten. Or I try not to eat it.