I've been in a reading slump lately, unable to concentrate, but this book is picking me up in a big way. Here are things I've enjoyed about it so far.
  1. Unix jokes
  2. Disgruntlement Theory-ha!
  3. 💥💥💥
  4. Kind of a dad joke, but 😂😂😂
  5. Always looking for it
  6. Oh, the 90s feels
  7. Too little or too much, life never seems to be bringing the proper amount of anything to the table.
  8. If the princess's wacky sidekick has another, less wacky sidekick, that's me.
  9. Reflective detachment from life.
    Sometimes this is my goal.
  10. A woman refers to her husband as the 301 point 83 in their relationship, which cracked me up.
  11. I have to look up this word every time I read it. I have a giant blind spot and always forget what it means. 🤷‍♀️
  12. I think about this, but I think I'm more comfortable with the logic.
  13. One of my favorites.
  14. Also, Pynchon is like an amped up episode of Gilmore Girls with a million cultural references you need to look up to make it through each page, but this one jumped out at me from a coffee mug and required no explanation.
  15. Everything is about timing and mine is so frequently off.
  16. Guh-rooossssss
  17. Learning about arboon 👌🏼
  18. 💀😂😂😂
  19. Best name for a strip club ever?