1. Painted a picture
  2. Watched THE HOLIDAY
    Love, schmuuuv, but I want to have a group of 80 year old friends who are "old Hollywood" and a pool and those room darkening shades.
  3. Hi Kathryn Hahn.
    She's a treasure. Why isn't she the leading lady in all the movies?
  4. Made an almond butter sandwich.
  5. Drank all the liquor left in the house.
    Don't worry.
  6. Made a mental list of why Amazon Prime is better than Netflix is better than Hulu.
  7. Decoupaged some tissue paper on a different painting.
    Not sure where this is going. Max and I decided today that my art style is "go three steps too far and ruin it."
  8. He might have also been talking about my life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Made some egg salad.
    With dill pickles.
  10. Cleaned the food processor blade.
    Jk this is an old picture of a Popsicle accident.
  11. Contemplated cutting my hair short like Cameron Diaz.
    Decided we don't have the same face shape.
  12. Binged several issues of BRAINDEAD.
  13. Thought I'd be ambitious and string all the opening themes together.
    Then figured someone else probably had.
  14. Checked YouTube.
    Couldn't find it. Made note to check later.
  15. Made this list.