Inspired by @lesleyann
  1. That time I thought "This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me!" but I was wrong.
  2. College-the sixth time's the charm!
    Maybe. If I go back.
  3. Birth control that has failed me.
    Or, how many kids is too many?
  4. Pet peeves.
    This is actually six chapters and will require a citation page and a special glossary.
  5. If they ever invent a time machine I'm going straight to the eighties and never returning.
    Or "Rico Tubbs will you marry me?"
  6. Mortal enemies
  7. Mortal enemies
    Part 2-fictional enemies and why they are a real threat.
  8. Sleeping, napping, resting my eyes.
    The most fun you can have on a weekend.
  9. Diets that should work.
    But don't.