Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. Compliment them Leslie Knope style
  2. Netflix
    So portable, you can lend your password to someone who is having a rough month, your kids can all watch wherever they's like happy magic. Some of this stuff might not be technically legal, so please don't tell on me. 🙏
  3. Hair elastics
    I have hundreds of them, a new package each in my purse and my car. I hand them out all the time and never expect them back.
  4. Chapstick
    See above. I have several unopened ones and several that are just kind of family share ones(which usually means I use it twice then my daughter takes it and I never see it again.)
  5. Butter
    If you like something someone made, that's probably because of the butter. Home baked things are a cheap and easy way to make friends. You can make a whole office love you for like $5.
  6. Magic gloves
    So cheap. Not the best pair, but you can afford to have a few extra pairs and it's no big deal if they get lost or just to hand them to someone who looks cold.
  7. Colored pencils, playing cards, etc.
    Things you can keep in your purse to entertain yourself and your friends. Have to wait for a table or at a doctor's office? You can all have your heads in your phones, or you can all remember the time you had so much fun drawing each other and then got kicked out.
  8. Hugs