1. Finish baking cookies-LOL NO, but at least my expectations were low.
    Chances that I'll ship some in time for Christmas gets lower every day. 😬
  2. Find a gift for my baby sister-more generic gift than I'd originally hoped, but she said she loved it. Hooray for the social contract!
    I ordered her these cute leggings but when they came they were huge and fit me(She's quite a few sizes smaller than I am.)
  3. Drop off Darrel's car to our mechanic on Wednesday night.-Yes, but the car was kaput and now I'm lending(let's face it-giving) him $$$$$$$$ to get a new one.
    Also he got robbed at work and so I bought him a new phone too. This is a picture of my bank account.
  4. Concentrate all my vibes on the company shipping my sister-in-law's gift so it gets here in time. -Nope. Arrived the day after the party. Still sitting in my bedroom.
  5. Drive to Columbus to drop off Max, pick up Domino and fetch Liz from the airport.-Check
  6. Find a gift for Domino's boyfriend.-Check
  7. Finish wrapping a few gifts.-Check. No bows though.
  8. Pick out fun stocking stuffers for everyone!!!-My youngest child only had dozens of tiny Pokémon in his stocking. I never found anything else to add although I almost bought a cute rubber ducky soap on a rope until I decided that 12.99 for novelty soap was ridiculous.
  9. Shop for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas breakfast.-Dinner, we just ate leftovers. Breakfast-successful bagel and lox breakfast tradition continued.
  10. Drive everyone to Indiana on Christmas Day to see my aunt.-Check. Drove home in terrible fog and had to stop and pee in a gas station with this
    In it, but let's just say Check.
  11. Drive back to Columbus the day after Christmas to drop Liz at the airport and take Domino back to her house and her cats.-Check