1. Me: braids because otherwise rats nest hair. Flower scarf because flowers.
  2. Tweed Jacket and Messenger Bag
    Seems overdressed, but whatever floats your boat.
  3. Half on/half off wetsuit
    Dig it
  4. This little girl is dressed kind of how my soul feels like.
    Flowered leggings, flowered boots, bright striped and flowered dress. And her name was Drusilla(how coolllll?!?!?!) and she had enough energy for three little kids.
  5. This woman was teaching a sword fighting class so I'm giving her a pass on the bonnet.
  6. This is a bad sneaky pic
    Because honestly this woman looked super chic and confidently awesome and you can't tell that in this photo.
  7. Bare feet, sand and a towel.
    Because when I go to the ocean, I GET IN THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!