1. The best little pharmacy in my hometown closed and now I have to go to a big store with a phone tree and a line and pharmacists who I'm sure are adequate but never ask about my family or give me advice about my migraines or show me the baby quilts they are working on.
  2. I got some really nice adult coloring books for Christmas and now my hand is a claw and I have a dead spot on the end of my right thumb from coloring too hard.
  3. It's winter.
  4. We got a new smart TV and it doesn't want to stream Hulu or Amazon Prime. I researched this and apparently it's just squabbles, infighting and money. Just let me watch Cybill and The Mindy Project dammit!
  5. My ex husband took our youngest out, sent me a picture of the delicious fruit slices I love, but DIDN'T BUY THEM FOR ME!!!! So now I'm thinking of fruit slices but I HAVE NO FRUIT SLICES!!!🍉🍉
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  6. Also, my youngest kid has feet that are too big for any of the gym shoes they sell at Kohl's. Also more bitching about FRUIT SLICES.
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