Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Donate my organs/skin/body if any of that is still useful. Then find the cheapest option to dispose of whatever is left.
    I feel about funerals the way I do about weddings. People make terrible decisions about money when their emotions are in play. Don't worry about it-that body isn't me anymore.
  2. Throw a giant luau in my backyard.
    Pull out all the stops. Have everyone bring tropical drinks and pot luck food. Bring the kids and have them cut out paper flowers and leaves and make decorations. Hang them up with some lights.
  3. Play great music and dance til late at night.
    You know what I like. Put the kids to bed on a pile of purses on the bed inside and keep dancing. Tell funny stories about me. Have a bonfire.
  4. Try on my clothes if you want and take what you can use.
    It's only stuff so don't fight. My dishes and my books are fair game. Please burn my underwear and those pesky bras. You can try them on your head if you want first-that's a fun game.
  5. Clean out my fridge and pantry and toiletries so no one has to do it later.
    My conditioner is great-give some to everyone to try. You'll thank me later. Don't throw anything on the fire that might explode-please be careful. I love you guys.
  6. Hug people you haven't seen in a while. Promise them that you'll see them again before the next funeral.
    Mean it. Call them and go to dinner next month. Talk about me and how great I was. Lay it on thick-I won't be embarrassed.
  7. Read my books and laugh at my poor taste if you want. Make something delicious and serve it on my dishes to someone you love.
    Clean them carefully but put them in your everyday cabinet. Don't save them for a special occasion that'll never come.