1. The days when
  2. Your doctor
  3. Would just write you a prescription
  4. And hand it to you
  5. And you'd take it to your local pharmacy
  6. And chat with the pharmacist
  7. While he or she fills your prescription
  8. Tells you what to look out for
  9. Bills your insurance with no issue
  10. And charges you the same co-pay you paid last month
  11. Then you go home
  12. And take your medicine
  13. And it's finished
  14. Easy-peasy?
  15. Because I sure do.👵🏼👵🏼👵🏼
  16. And I don't see
  17. How the automated system
  18. Has saved anyone
  19. Any phone calls
  20. Or money
  21. Or time
  22. Or energy
  23. Except maybe
  24. One or two guys
  25. Who won't notice
  26. Because they have run out of space
  27. On their ledgers
  28. To write all the zeros
  29. In the salaries
  30. They have no time to spend