And it's actually a completed list, since I went to Columbus today.
  1. My children don't live at home anymore, so I have a list for each of them that I keep of things I need to bring them when I do go see them.
  2. Today I went to see Domino, and brought her:
  3. 3 lbs. of homemade vegan pepperjack cheese.
    Which I like to refer to as "nut jello" 😏
  4. One tent stake
    She couldn't find it when she packed up her tent after our camping trip.
  5. Three project coffee mugs my dad designed when he worked for Northrop Grumman.
    When I got there she was drinking water out of a leftover plastic takeout soup container. 🙄
  6. A couple of boxes of green hair dye
    For when she needs to freshen her do
  7. A ziplock bag full of homemade coconut bacon
  8. An old iPad
    And its charging cord but no plug since I gave it to Max last month.
  9. Two giant sunflowers
    From the Yellow Springs Sunflower Field-bee not included. 🐝🌻
  10. Three credit card offers
    Pros/cons written on each envelope
  11. A prescription bottle filled with ibuprofen.
    This was just in my purse, but she didn't have any so I left it with her.