😂😂😂How did I know this would be coming??? @andersun You're the best!
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    If we are going to talk PERFECT
    Then every cute, flowered sundress I want would have deep, secure, lined pockets and I'd never need a purse.
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    Filled with cash
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    Because we live in the real world....
    Much to my eternal chagrin
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    I like bright, flowered, patterned purses.
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    Big enough for 13lbs of stuff. THE CONTENTS OF MY 13 POUND PURSE
    And I don't care if they match anything. Although I have a boring black one now 😩😩😩 with a fun lining NO ONE CAN SEE!!!!!
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    Pockets inside and out so I can organize my stuff into categories.
    Snacks, medicine, hair accessories, things I carry around for people I hang out with, charging paraphernalia, etc.
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    I like tassels or fringe or an attached keychain I can play with when I'm bored and somewhere I don't want to be.
    Wedding, college orientation, graduation ceremony, etc.
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    Inexpensive. It's going to be stretched out, filled with rocks from other countries' oceans and lakes, dropped on the floor, so I need it to be cheap enough I can throw it away when it starts to look ragged, but strong enough to begin with so it doesn't fall apart the first time I load it up. .
    Also, let's be honest, no purse of mine is ever going to see the inside of a dust bag
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    Also cheap.
    $50 is too much. I'll pay $100 in a heartbeat for dinner for myself with no thought(you know, if I have it, which is never, because I wasted it on dinner) paying money to carry around money(or lack thereof) is not my thing.
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    Strong lining
    I hate when things work their way through a hole in the lining and you can feel them but never get to them.
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    And I agree with the sentiment that you can buy something of quality and it will last forever, buuuttttt
    In my reality, this