1. How many photos out the window of a plane are too many?
    45? But look at the clouds!
  2. Art at the Atlanta airport
  3. .
  4. My daughter asked me to take pictures of every single thing we did and ate.
    She was understandably thrilled by this photo of my Arby's roast beef sandwich.
  5. Cafe for breakfast/second breakfast.
    I didn't take pictures of the crazy tangle of exposed wires but we had a long talk about building codes.(Fun things my family discusses on vacation)
  6. A very sweet older woman gave us directions and showed us this sign, warning everyone not to have a wee in the alley. (Her words, not mine)
  7. We stopped in Kilkenny and visited this castle
  8. It was very windy and would abruptly change from sunny to hail several times during our hour long visit.
    It wasn't very conducive to picture taking.
  9. I couldn't take pictures inside, but we did get in for free because it was the first Wednesday of the month.
    We also had a really interesting discussion with a woman inside about Ireland government jobs and pensions. (Again, riotously fun people, my family)
  10. You might be expecting more from me, but my favorite things to take pictures of are dumb things that strike me funny.
    Your sign says no, but your eyes say yes.
  11. We finally made it to Galway! This is the view of the Galway Bay from our apartment.
    By the time we got here I was a walking zombie though.
  12. We ate dinner at a tiny pub with really good curry and country music playing(?) and this cute Easter Bunny painted on the window.
    And we were talking about the Aran Islands and our server told us about his uncle who lives on one of the islands and runs an ice cream shop there. 🍦
  13. Then I slept the sleep of the dead for 10 hrs.