Inspired by @HisDudeness
  1. Homicide Detective
    It's probably far less interesting and far more depressing than on tv shows, but I think it'd be fascinating and I'd like to puzzle things out, work cold cases.
  2. Private Investigator
    See above.
  3. Florist
    In a large greenhouse that smells like sunshine and life and flowers all day every day.
  4. Park ranger
    Not necessarily a law enforcement position, but I'd love to lead little kids on nature walks or teach seniors to make reed baskets in the visitor center.
  5. Baker
    Preferably in a quaint village shop somewhere in France. I'd love to get there at 2-3am and bake bread in the quiet night and then watch the whole village bustle awake in the morning. Then I'd take my baguette, go buy some flowers and something for a late breakfast and walk home chatting with all my neighbors.