It's one of the coolest things I love. Also this is another weird half finished rambling about self directed evolution.
  1. So today they were talking about genetic engineering.
  2. And if you are working on something and want to add, say, the smell of mint or the capability to phosphorese to an organism, you can just buy the code to that trait and basically a jar of that genetic material and splice it into your organism and BAM! Your ecoli smells like peppermint.
    I may have a few details wrong but you get the general idea.
  3. So the bent of the story moved into the realm of debating whether everything we are is just biology and evolution or if there is something undefinable and un-creatable(if you will) that makes life impossible to create from scratch.
    So someday will there be a jar full of A and T and G and C and zing we could recreate you or me, or another organism that thinks independently or reasons morally? Or is that a line we can't ever cross? Or shouldn't cross?
  4. And it drove the debate of what makes a human human? Is it biology and we have every piece we need to recreate life?
  5. Are we just lacking the progress on the technical skill to be able to recreate ourselves, improve and redefine ourselves
  6. Or is there something undefinable that we can never locate, is there something godly, or otherworldly that Sparks is to life, a supernatural dr Frankenstein who takes our cobbled together biology and harnesses the power of the heavens to strike us into existence
  7. And is there an ethical dilemma in pursuing the answer to that question? In seeing how far we can proceed before we can't move any farther.
  8. Are we arrogant to think we've stopped evolving, that we've reached the peak of our potential and are we arrogant in assuming that we can direct that evolution? Is the evolution of the mind, our creations, our design the way forward? Have we made the leap to become our own God and does that scare or excite you?