Inspired by @shanaz.
  1. 1985 Trying to skateboard on the hill behind my grandma's house. 😮
    Only witnessed by my cousin. I never went skateboarding again.
  2. 1986 Fell down the steps of the governors' mansion in Williamsburg.🙈🙊🙈🙊💀
    In front of the entire tour group. The entire flight of stairs. I did have to go back to Williamsburg the next year but that time I only got locked in a stable building and the entire bus full of my 7th grade class had to wait on me-for a solid hour.
  3. 1989 Fell while skiing on the bunny hill at Perfect North Slopes.🙊⛷💁🏼
    Tripped, tumbled, my left ski came off(!) and slid down the hill and under the fence that surrounds the mechanical workings for the lift. I did have to explain where the ski was but the guy was cute and nice to me. This was on my first try of the day. I went inside, drank cocoa and read a book, and never went skiing again.
  4. 1990 Tried to dive for a ball in volleyball practice, slid on the gym floor and got terrible gym floor burn all over my shins between my knee pads and my socks.😱🙈🏐
    The team was used to how clumsy I was. I continued to play volleyball but never got any better.
  5. 1994 Slipped on the ice and bruised my tailbone.😫❄️🛁
    No one was there but me. I was eight and a half months pregnant but the baby was fine. Still had a large bruise when I went to deliver though.
  6. 2000 Faceplant into the sidewalk in Daytona Beach.🙊🍹🍹
    I was "chaperoning" my sister's spring break trip. We were all very drunk. I was a terrible chaperone.
  7. 2004 Slipped on nothing in the parking lot of my townhouse complex. Flashed everyone. 👗😳🙈
    More mortified than hurt.
  8. 2005 Fell down the steps at a house party. 🙊🏡🙈
    Slept upstairs. Bathroom downstairs. Slipped at 6 am. Woke EVERYONE. Giant bruise on my thigh.
  9. 2013 Tried to step over the gas line at UDF instead of going around or under. 🙊🙊🙊🙊😂💀
    Big mistake. Tried to get my balance and almost did. But then I didn't. Had the wind knocked out of me. I'm sure there is a hilarious security video of me that all the UDF employees bring out when they have a bad day.
  10. Last week Cleaned off the car for my kid and slipped on the driveway. Face plant into the snow.❄️❄️❄️
    No one watching so WHEW!!
  11. Edited to add to the embarrassment.
  12. TONIGHT-faceplant into the grass in front of my child's dorm. 💸💸💸🍁🍂🍁🙈🙈🙈🙈
    Yes, at the exact moment everyone in the dorm was returning from their Thanksgiving festivities. Yes, I was wearing a skirt. Yes, I yelped so anyone who missed the fall still caught the flash. No, I was not hurt.