Inspired by requests from @jessicaz and @nikkilounoel but pretty much completely different now.
  1. So, you may be thinking to yourself, "Self", you'll say, "Self, you're using your phone too much! Put it down! Go for a walk! Talk to your fam once in a while!"
  2. But to that I say, "Forget them and just let your apps rule your real world choices, and maybe fun and interesting things will happen to you!"
  3. Say you play the super fun and not at all childish game Dragonvale.
  4. It might be the big Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and you might be excited about all the new dragons you can breed and raise.
  5. And then you'll channel your inner Mother of Dragons like I did and come up with this...
    Some filtering brought to you by the joy that is Meitu, and please ignore the fact that I'm in a towel. But also DO NOT DOUBT that there was a towel just because you can't see it in this picture. 😏
  6. Orrrrr say you play Pokémon Go all the time and people may say "Aren't you tired of that game yet?" Or "Get a job!" Or even "That's not what a bitmoji is, Jen."
  7. And you may indeed be tempted to give up your cute and also probably very tasty animal-ish pals
  8. But instead you channel your inner Pokémon trainer and bring her out to play like this.
    This entire list is really just to show you my new blue hair.
  9. See? Identical!
    And you might be super motivated to get out there and try to compete to be the best trainer that ever was with @siddharthainc and @e but you can't because they're both so good and you live way out in the boonies.
  10. And you may overhear a family member say "so, she makes lists now? Lists of what? Like, for groceries?" "No, mom, lists of squirrels."
    Hijacking @NumbahTwo for this example because I showed your very humorous yelp squirrel list to my daughter and mom and they loved it but will also not be joining list or come anywhere near it ever again. 😬😬
  11. And you may think that you spend to much time here with your internet friends and not having a real life, but then...
  12. You send and receive a book, and a Santa gift and maybe a cookie or two or some delicious French crepes for your birthday.
    💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 @solena @ladyprofessor @kate81
  13. And you learn what a SEXT is, and look for them in your everyday life.
  14. And you have a hilarious and inspired monologue contest with some DayListers™ who really make you laugh like crazy.
  15. And someone posts beautiful sunsets in the morning so you don't even have to go outside.
  16. And you ask everyone what they're wearing and they show you and some of them are twinning.
  17. And you meet fascinating women from all over the world doing remarkable things.
  18. And you learn about these best friends who are just the most sunshiny people who love to be alive and are so so good at it.
  19. And you get an AMAZING Harry Potter poster from @LeahG that makes your friend who is getting a divorce cry actual tears of joy.
  20. And you have a group chat on Christmas with such wonderful people that you forget how tired you are and that you skipped putting bows on presents and it was fine. 💞💞💞Waltons
    You also learn about a Santa sack from a genius @k8zinker (no, it's not dirty, but if anyone could make it sound that way, it's Kate. )
  21. And you invite a stranger/friend to stay in your guest bedroom or take a drive in your car and get a donut or take a road trip to Indiana.
  22. And it works out pretty well.
  23. And you welcome your robot overlords the way they always knew you would.
  24. Also there are a million of you I love but didn't tag because I'm old and it's time for bed and there is blue dye in my ears, but if you're reading this, you're the best!