Inspired by @rellimt
  1. Bake stuff.
    A lot of stuff. A Jewish Italian grandma's idea of a lot.
  2. Drive everywhere
    Any excuse for a road trip. No detour is too far out of the way. I baked these snacks for the ride.
  3. Need a constant stream of entertainment. Preferably from professionally scripted television.
    Or books or radio or movies or Oompa Loompas you've hired to juggle for me.
  4. Never be sure if a migraine will crush your day.
    It will. You just don't know when. Don't make plans. If it needs to be done, do it now.
  5. Say these things-preferably all in the same conversation.
    I'm right. I'm always right. Why didn't you just listen to me in the first place. That's not logical. Just do it this way. Just let me do it. But also.. I don't mind. It wasn't hard. I'd be happy to help you. You're really smart. Your boss doesn't know what she's talking about.