Inspired by everyone, college, children, the federal government, a lemon and a puppy-man-child.
  1. Make lemon bars
    Don't get too excited. My parents took them all to book club. (It's really some sort of Lent bible study. I call it book club to irritate them cuz I love them.)
  2. File taxes with Son #1
    He's 22 so he probably could figure it out himself, but #insertshruggyhere
  3. File taxes for Daughter #1
    Scramble through files for bank acct info, 1098-T info, previous year tax info, email password files so I can verify I'm really her, etc.
  4. File taxes for Puppy #1
    It's really my younger son but for like the first ten years of his life he called himself the family puppy and would have us scratch behind his ears. He's in college now making the dean's list, so that's how college works these days. #insertanothershruggyhere
  5. Fafsa for Daughter
    25 minutes to get the website to let me in with my carefully saved passwords from last year, 2 minutes to file.
  6. Fafsa for Puppy
    See above.
  7. List a little bit...
  8. Make some easy crispy spicy tuna sushi
    1. I will eat ALL THE GINGER. 2. I know @Bourdain says no mayo-based sauces, but I make my own and I like it! 3. This will all be gone soon.