Cute Halloween photos of the kids were thin on the ground (in my phone) so here is this instead.
  1. 70's style
  2. Baby style
  3. Wizard of Oz style.
  4. Dorothy has ennui style
  5. Prison style
  6. I can breathe underwater! style
  7. Shiver me Timbers style
  8. Rear Window style
  9. Fat Tuesday style
  10. I did it to fight cancer style
  11. Graduating was so much work I plumb fainted! style
  12. Ladderball style
  13. Safety style
  14. Pop Star ⭐️style
  15. Mustache style
  16. Twin style
  17. Style! style
  18. Bob Evans style
  19. Flower Power style
  20. Corona Cowboys style
  21. What's your damage Heather? style
  22. Poison Ivy style
    You'd think that this was for Halloween, but it was extra credit for a plant propagation class.
  23. Brownie style
  24. Blonde Devil style
  25. Zombie style
  26. Demented penguin style
  27. And occasionally...Drag style