1. Here is a pretty good explanation.
  2. Basically, it involves cutting out the backbone of a turkey(or other game bird) so that you can flatten it and bend it to your will faster.
    This stuff just writes itself, folks.
  3. I couldn't find my kitchen shears, so I spent a few minutes just sharpening my knife, then sat the turkey up on its end and cut down one side of the backbone.
    I'm not a professional chef, and I'm sure there are anatomical features you should look for, but I usually don't and kind of wing it(😂😂) Seriously though, if you aren't afraid to just get in there and feel around a bit, it's not that hard to feel where your sword should go.
  4. Then one one side is cut through you can open it up a little and see where to cut on the other side.
  5. I usually brown the backbone and the neck in a pot with some butter then add some veggies and thyme and maybe a bay leaf and make some stock.
  6. Turn the bird over, splay the legs out some, and push down on the breastbone until you hear a few cracks.
    Analogy ——->>>>>>>Window
  7. Then you can tuck the wings under it and toast it in a hot oven and it's a kind of quickie for your turkey.
  8. It might be a little pornographic looking for your table, but you get lots of crispy skin, the breast meat doesn't get too dry before everything else is cooked, and you can cook it in a little over an hour if you have other things to do with your day.
  9. I could've made it a little browner, but I'm a slave to the meat thermometer.