1. Any cooking article that says "You have to try this!"
    But I have to make it right away or I forget. Also I'll substitute ingredients at will.
  2. Any movie with a dance competition, gymnastics competition, figure skating competition, etc.
    I know I'm in my forties, and fat, and oh so clumsy, but TOMORROW, I'm starting on my dream to win all the athletic competitions!
  3. Any movie or TV show where people sell all their stuff and move away to a tropical island and create a new life.
    One day, I'll throw responsibility out the window, and POOF💨 but not this week, and next week I have that thing, and people are coming for thanksgiving, and ...
  4. "Cozy" murder mysteries
    Until I realize I probably would be arrested if I was a caterer or book store owner or gardener and found 3 dead bodies in a row.
  5. Jennifer Lopez and her fitness routine.
    As I stuff my face with late night Taco Bell. 🌮🔔