1. Static
  2. I have a metric crap ton(very scientific term) of photos on my phone.
    I think(hope!) many of you are in the same boat!
  3. There are vacation photos and random gifs
  4. Screenshots of celebrities hanging out, shirtless and wet, in my Pinterest feed with the wedding cakes.
    🙄Arghhhhhh Ruffalo!!!
  5. Thousands of photos of my kids being goofy
  6. Dozens of selfies that for some reason didn't match how I was feeling
  7. Dozens of selfies with sparkly eyes or funny noses or flower crowns
    I don't even have Snapchat and I still have these 🤷‍♀️
  8. 70 videos
    One of the blinking light on the power strip under the tv, and one of my completely dark and quiet room at night(18 seconds of quiet, dark screen.)
  9. More pictures of flowers than I know what to do with.
  10. Gifs made from YouTube videos for a specific purpose and never used again.
  11. Closeup pictures of all the scars on my hands and arms.
    Why? Who knows!
  12. NSFW photos-only a very few 😬
    I use the term NSFW, but I don't even have a job so I'm pretty sure they're safe for everywhere I actually do go.
  13. Pictures of recipes and legal documents and insurance cards and several of my debit card.
    So safe and secure
  14. Fifteen separate Awkward Yeti cartoons that were all exactly me.
    Also exactly everyone else because I think we're more alike than different.
  15. Some blurry photos from a bachelorette party that seemed hilarious at the time, but now I have no clue what was going on
  16. This peep masterpiece
  17. Futurama memes
  18. Three of this same The Good Wife gif
  19. Anyway.....
  20. What do you guys dump, and where?
  21. I have a home computer I could put photos on if I thought I'd ever look at them again.
    I haven't looked at the ones I dumped last year.
  22. I could carefully cull them down to only good, fun photos of family and friends.
  23. I could keep everything and just think about getting rid of things when I run out of space.
    Future Jennifer's problems!
  24. What would you do?
    Also I apologize if you thought that I had any good, scandalous things to confess.