Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. That titles just look better in ALL CAPS.
  2. That cobbling a username together based on the early 90's stylings of Rob Schneider's "Makin' Copies" SNL sketch is a good idea.
  3. That avocados, olives and lemons are worth more than all the chocolate in the world. And taste better too.
  4. That there are mysteries out there, in the dark.
  5. That life is better than we think it is.
    And most people are doing their best.
  6. But also that:
  7. That most people don't pay enough attention to what is happening vs. the narrative they're being sold.
  8. That a simple, comprehensive, single-payer healthcare system would be the most economical, beneficial thing for the largest number of people and eliminate hurdles especially for veterans and the mentally ill.
  9. That baking cookies for someone is just like saying you love them.
  10. That the most beautiful place to stand is the edge of the ocean.
  11. That I'd probably turn down a trip to the moon, but if I could get surgery to have a tail like a kangaroo has I might go for that. Say 77% likely.
    I believe I also may be a tiny bit too invested in the neolutionist theories on Orphan Black.