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  1. Where did our our excitement and desire come from and where has it taken us?
  2. Is the thing we want most rooted in something from our past, or something in our future?
  3. When we were young in the barren internetless wasteland, was the thrill of a Sears catalog lingerie section,
  4. Or a smuggled playboy from your best friend's dad
  5. Or an innocent but enlightening game of doctor in the garage,
  6. More or less exciting than the free access we have now to all forms of entertainment?
  7. Do we revel in the fulfillment of every wish(at least digitally) and the indulgence of every fetish?
  8. Are we excited by the idea of connecting with the whole world to find someone like us,
  9. Or do we long for a less connected age, did anticipation make the fruit sweeter?
  10. Or are we the most excited about where we are going?
  11. When maybe you can order and program a robot to fulfill your wishes and never have to deal with the foibles of another?
  12. Or design a virtual, tactile world that is a complete indulgence of the self.
  13. When what is in your own mind is all that matters, when the presence or wishes of another are unnecessary and obsolete,
  14. When all that matters comes from between your own ears, will you be happier then?