I was driving to Columbus from Cincinnati today for the fourth time this week, and these are the things I passed or experienced that I thought might make good poems. I don't usually write poetry, so the chances that they will become poems is probably pretty low.
  1. Red, White, and Black Horses
    I pass this pasture on 22/3 and there are always three horses standing on a hill right by the road. One is reddish brown, one is black, and one is white, and I always wonder as I pass if they are more alike or different and if they are friends. I guess this could also be the beginning to a really great joke-a red horse, a white horse and a black horse are standing on a hill......you get the gist.
  2. 4:30 Moon
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    The sun was shining and the sky was blue, but a bright, translucent, almost full moon was hanging around in the eastern sky. I tried to get a good picture but one thing a phone camera can never capture is the moon. I guess nothing can really capture it, but I guess there are lots of poems about this.
  3. The Road is an Asphalt Umbilical Cord
    Connecting me and my brilliant, strong, fragile daughter. She's a sophomore at THE Ohio State University, and I spend more time eating up the miles between here and there, her and me, than just about anything else.
  4. TRUMP 👿
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    Something short and rude and possibly Suess-esqe; ridiculous, repeatable and memorable. I forgot he was going to be in Columbus and I spent 45 minutes in downtown traffic. I could have spent these minutes composing my poem, but instead took blurry pictures of the city all lit up and cranked up the radio.