I wrote this a little while ago, and it's a little self indulgent maybe, but I was inspired to post it by @nikkifin and her excellent list. thoughts [saturday 11pm]
  1. If you've truly been
  2. Both liked
  3. And loved
  4. Then you know
  5. That of these two
  6. The love has less to do with you
  7. Than the lover
  8. Who seeks in you something
  9. For himself.
  10. The like should be prized
  11. For it sees with eyes unclouded
  12. By fantasy
  13. Or chemical trap
  14. It takes what is there
  15. And accepts at face value
  16. And still persists
  17. When love has danced through seven veils
  18. And panted for attention
  19. And burned through everything
  20. And waltzed out again