Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. I'm just stealing this list prompt to tell you all about a weird dream I had. Some of you are in it.
  2. @andersun and @egiuffri were working in a lab.
  3. They were wearing white lab coats and standing at a tall desk with stacks of colorful paper.
  4. I walked over to see how they were doing.
  5. They were both working hard making tesselations out of Christmas wrapping paper.
  6. If you don't know what tesselations are, go look at these lists by @solena ✨ Origami Tessellations of the Week 🌟
    They are gorgeous and I was working on a very simple one yesterday while no kids were showing up to my literacy tutor study table. It didn't turn out but I'll probably try again.
  7. They were also mad because @Power_Lloyd wasn't there yet and they needed his assistance getting the tesseract open/working/going.
  8. There was something to do with Scientology and space travel and Madeline L'Engle but none of that was happening because @Power_Lloyd wasn't there.
    There may have been some disparaging remarks about reliability and hangovers which I personally apologize for, even if this was just a dream.
  9. Tangentially related fact: One of my aunts is a scientologist. She ran away with her sister to California when she was very young. Her sister came back and lived with my parents for a bit and went to law school and became a children's advocate. But she stayed in California and became a pretty high ranking member of her Scientology church.
    We don't hear from her much but she sent my dad some weird books to read.
  10. Back to the dream: Then @eriknmichaelssrn walked in and handed everyone a weird white Vanilla Sky-ish mask and said that we couldn't wait on lollygaggers anymore and it was time to go and just make it work damnit!
  11. My mask had curly hair and a bow attached.
  12. I'm not sure why only Erics and Eriks work in this lab?