Kate, you are fantastic and I'm sorry I can never make one of your list requests do what you expected it to do.
  1. March madness is basketball.
    I know this for certain.
  2. It's college teams.
    Fairly confident on this one.
  3. Gonzaga sometimes makes it in.
    Heh GONZAGA!
  4. I watched one year of professional basketball and I think Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls were important that year. I think the rules are similar-basket, big orange ball, guys running in long shorts that used to be much shorter? 😏
    20 yrs. ago?
  5. I have strong opinions about college sports and the value of college in general.
    Do I just want to start controversy? Heck no!
  6. I saw the Harlem Globetrotters at Hara Arena once but my bf was high so I didn't pay that close of attention.
  7. I'm sorry I'm perpetuating unfair stereotypes of women who don't get sports. 😔
  8. The Simpsons episode on Sunday was about point shaving and basketball. Probably 4th grade fictional animated basketball is also not germane to this conversation.
  9. Update: One of my friends from high school is a sportswriter in Asheboro and this is one of her march Madness brackets.
    I KNEW Gonzaga was a thing!!!!!!