1. Prisma
    Some days I think our country is going to H E double hockey sticks in a hand basket, but some days I'm so amazed at all the cool, FREE things that creative people are just putting out there in the world for my enjoyment and to waste all my time.
  2. The Durrells in Corfu
    One of my biggest fantasies is to say "Screw it!", sell everything I own, and move to a Greek isle in the Mediterranean. I guess it's technically in the Ionian Sea, but you get my drift. Plus, Masterpiece definitely knows it's period dramas. It's on right now on PBS-go watch it!!!!!!
  3. Better Things
    I love love love this show. It's a comedy, but it's made me cry (shocker, right?) and it's always over so fast because I'm enjoying every single scene. It just resonates with me in so many ways.
  4. Upside-down cake
    Do you know you can make anything into an upside down cake? It's not just for pineapple!!!These are cranberries that have been in the freezer since Christmas, and with enough butter and sugar, still delicious!!!!
  5. Supergirl's hair
    I'm mesmerized by Melissa Benoist's hair. It's truly SuperGirl hair. I spend half the show wondering if I can make my hair look like that. (No, in case you are wondering, I do not have those super skills.)