Inspired by @kate81
  1. Hot dogs baked with cheese and onions on a slice of bread
  2. Tuna noodle casserole
    Not enough cheese and too many peas, and also not properly seasoned. Blech!
  3. Angel food cake
    One of my mom's specialties. She's a terrible cook but a pretty good baker. She also makes excellent cream puffs.
  4. Hamburger, macaroni and home canned tomatoes.
    Not enough seasoning and no cheese made this a very depressing meal.
  5. Creamed anything on toast. Usually hard boiled eggs or canned asparagus.
  6. French onion soup with mozzarella cubes.
    On the salad bar at school.
  7. Good N Fruity
    See this list about betrayal. BETRAYAL!
  8. Soup and sandwich Sunday nights with The Wonderful World of Disney.
    Usually mock turtle or cream of mushroom soup and if I was lucky a salami sandwich but more likely bologna.
  9. Egg toast
    Not like this, that's just what my parents called French toast
  10. Pancakes
    Recipe from this cookbook, but quadrupled.
  11. Sloppy joes, but homemade with 1/2 shredded carrots instead of beef.
    My sister's husband always says our childhood makes him sad.
  12. The first drink out of a glass Pepsi bottle. I got to blow away the little foggy cloud and drink the first drink and my dad would have the rest.