I was so hungry all day today. No amount of food could fill the gaping maw inside me, but I tried:
  1. Eggs, over easy and white toast
    As usual around 8
  2. Diet Coke, second Diet Coke
  3. Cheesy tots and a Whopper from Burger King
    Had a migraine and didn't make it to my first class. Ate this about 11.
  4. Diet Coke
    I had a two liter in the car.
  5. Passion fruit tea lemonade and a chocolate croissant
    Nervously eaten at 1220, right before my presentation. You'd think the Burger King would've been enough, but no.
  6. Filled up the tea cup with water three times.
    Insanely thirsty.
  7. One spicy tuna roll and a bag of peach rings.
    Not peaches cut into rings, the sugary candy. Around 3, before my art class quiz. I did share the candy with my friend Selena.
  8. More Diet Coke and a bag of Swedish fish on the hour and a half drive home.
  9. Chinese food
    Egg roll, three dumplings, shrimp lo mein.
  10. Two more glasses of Diet Coke but I'm still exhausted and going to sleep now, hopefully for 13 hrs.
    Oh and some Advil.
  11. Like this, only not as healthy.