Inspired by @jaidub
  1. Hey Everyone!
  2. Your li.sts are just like little presents, a little gi.ft of yourself, straight to me.
  3. Sometimes it's just a little mini-list, something funny or frustrating or ridiculous that you saw today and you thought I would like.
    They give me a glimpse into your day, a snapshot of your mood, a sharp burst of laughter or sadness I can share with you and I LOVE THEM.
  4. Sometimes you do a lot of research for a, showing me you care about entertainment and accuracy, pumping up my 90's music trivia game or making me groan at your historical puns.
    These li.sts are gifts of your personality and interests, the weird bent of your mind and an exploration of the strange and varied place the world around us can be, and I LOVE THEM.
  5. Some li.sts are angry and outraged rants against the inequity of this world, rants against privilege and prejudice. They rail at our social and economic and political and gender systems and they highlight ways we need to keep pushing forward.
    These li.sts are gi.fts straight from your heart. They say I want you to see me, to understand me, to respect me. I'm here and you're here and there is enough wrong in this world without something wrong between us. These are li.sts of our shared humanity and I LOVE THEM.
  6. Sometimes you are showing me the beauty of your world, a gi.ft of your hometown or of the trip you've been planning your whole life.
    These li.sts let me see the world, the trip I might be too nervous(or broke!) to make, the mountain climb that might be too strenuous for me, the cuisine I would never think to try. These li.sts make your experiences mine and I LOVE THEM.
  7. Sometimes your li.sts are wild! They use jargon I've never heard of and take place in a forum that is forever unavailable to me. These gi.fts of your youth and interests and up in the middle of the night, four cups of coffee whirlwind are desperate and joyous and make me laugh out loud.
    These li.sts are a frenetic energy-filled expression of your spirit and youth and uncertainty. The terms may be unfamiliar but I remember the feelings all too well. These li.sts are full of life and I LOVE THEM.
  8. Sometimes your li.sts are full of romance, of finding love and being in love, of looking for love in all the wrong places(cough...Tinder.) some of you have been married 30 years and some of you have never been kissed. Some of you are happiest single and some of you long for the perfect meet-cute.
    These li.sts are the business of the heart, the demands society puts on us and the demands we put on ourselves to be happy, loved, connected. These li.sts document our struggle to become whole in this world, and whole within ourselves and I LOVE THEM.
  9. Sometimes your li.sts are full of the people and animals you love the most. Sweet, curious, furry, chubby, baby gi.ft bundles of happiness to brighten my day. You share fun stories of your siblings and the day your parents met and how picky your cat is.
    These li.sts are full of the real business of living and making connections and show you at your happiest and I LOVE THAT.
  10. Sometimes your li.sts are painful, heart-wrenching stories of abuse and abortion and abandonment, of lost love and lost friends, of rape and regret and the hope for relief. These are gi.fts of your bravery and your fortitude. You've been hurt and trampled and life has dealt you blows but you are here and alive and most of all, willing to share.
    These li.sts are a boon, to those who are struggling, whose loads are heavy and who can't share now, or maybe ever. To me, who understands some of these things deeply but always chooses to react in humor or deflection instead of the real emotion you share. These li.sts are raw and real and special and I LOVE THEM AND YOU.