Lares and Penates can be gods that protect the household or refer to the goods in a house. (Basically-there is a more technical definition and history, but it is not relevant to this list and I am cleaning out drafts so...) I think our household gods live in these items.
  1. Ice Cream Machine
    The god of household summertime happiness.
  2. Cuisinart
    The god of hand cramp relief and guacamole.
  3. Coffee Maker
    The god of good mornings.
  4. Pillows
    The god of good nights and forts.
  5. Rocking Chair
    A poltergeist. Probably detrimental but can't leave the far corner of the living room.
  6. These Statues
    The gods of our farming/goose tending forebears
  7. Toilet Paper Holder
    The god of do it now, better out than in, and don't forget to change the roll or you'll go to H E double hockey sticks.
  8. Bookshelves
    The god of look it up yourself, you'll remember it longer.
  9. Tent in the garage
    The gods of good vacations past and future.
  10. Joy Mangano huggable hangers
    The gods of fashion and terrible movies.