Draft cleaning to add to this list https://li.st/l/40iP7E5dUg1lb4F1OhhBiD
  1. Katalina's Restaurant in Columbus.
    I drive to Columbus all the time and now thanks to @megann90 I have a delicious looking new restaurant to try!
  2. Rappahannock
    @HisDudeness was right! I had never heard of the Rappahannock Tribe. In fact, I tried to list all the Native American tribes I could remember last year and came up woefully short. Among many other things, it was a good reminder about how people and history are unevenly heralded.
  3. Ghormeh Sabzi
    I love an interesting new dish to try! @shanaz listed about trying to find a good, authentic recipe for this Iranian/Persian stew, and now I'm going to try to make some this week!
  4. Gili Islands
    I'd never even heard of the tiny Gili Islands before @idae listed about living there. As a SCUBA DIVING INSTRUCTOR!!!! How cool is that? Also when I was wiki-ing the Gili Islands I found out the Indonesian word for water is air...🤔💥
  5. Kim Anguish on hello poetry
    @lame wrote some lovely poems about love and such on hello poetry. I often forget all the incredible places we have to look for content that that aren't in a book. And how lucky we are to have all those options.
  6. Update-I did try Katalina's and it was delicious. 👌🏼 But I still haven't made Ghormeh Sabzi yet.