Our family has a very distinctive style. It's like half ridiculous and half nap couture. My mom is an excellent seamstress and can make ANYTHING, but nothing gets as much use as the loungewear she makes us.
  1. Penguin pants
  2. Snowman pants
  3. We all ignore the rules of fashion and of physics. Sure we can all occupy the same space at the same time.
  4. If it's cold outside, you're tired or depressed or you just are cranky, anything goes.
  5. Animal pants on vacation
  6. My sister is a much better sport than I am.
  7. My other sister also being a good sport.
  8. I'm not sure he has ever worn actual pants on vacation. Just swim trunks with pj pants on top.
  9. Started early.
  10. Out at the movies?
    Sure, why not? Although, my daughter did call me from jury duty and was SHOCKED that some people wore pj pants to their court date. So we have some propriety.
  11. Clearly not much though. 😳
  12. This was kind of a fun phase. My dad always jokes that if we are good we can have heat for Christmas. Max would make a point of getting as many pairs of his pj pants as he could find and wearing them all at once.
  13. Update: College style.